Our Approach......

We break down each assignment into a number of phases, typically:

  • Phase 1.- Pre-planning and data Analysis.
  • During this phase we will meet with you to define the scope of the review, discuss the overall business operations and meet key finance and operations staff. We will develop the review plan and obtain a data download from your accounting software database covering the period under review.
  • Phase 2.- Review of tax and accounts payable processing and operations. Data analysis and mining.
  • During this phase we will discuss any peculiarities specific to your business to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your operations and facilities.We also look at the technical application of the tax law and other interpretive issues that could result in additional refunds or rebates on issue specific items.
  • Phase 3.-Recommendation of tax and accounts payable planning and compliance solutions.
  • During this phase, we develop the summaries of recoveries available and draft our recommendations and planning opportunities that will help to eliminate your future sales tax burden.For some recommendations we can work with your staff to help implement a solution and suggest ways to handle the accounting or operational changes (if needed) that are required for the solution to work properly.
  • Throughout all phases, our objective, which we pride ourselves on, is to be as non-intrusive as possible and to limit any disruption, while maximising the dollar return to your organization.