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Who we are...

Aptitude Financial Inc is a specialist accounts payable, sales and indirect taxes recovery firm. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a national contingency fee service that identifies and recovers cash tax refunds, rebates and payables dollars for your bottom line that would otherwise be lost.

Each of its owners is a professionally designated accountant with at least 25 years of professional experience in practice, industry, internationally and now, sales tax and payables recovery services.

Aptitude Financial Inc has a proven ability to identify and recover more dollars for your bottom line.

The owners perform the reviews and are 100% incentivizedĀ  and committed to deliver exemplary unparalleled customer service.

With solid understanding of internal control system environments, the owners are highly skilled in managing high volume data extracts and will efficiently maximise returns to your company using a well defined and developed process.

Aptitude Financial Inc prides itself on the non-intrusive nature of the service being provided and minimal involvement of your staff is required.

The final reports, guidelines and recommendations we will provide are sure to add value to your organization.

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